Ren also mentioned Dre actually was more serious about production back in the day, and explained the difference between Dre as a producer and Dre as an MC.

“With the music, he’s like a beast, man,” he said. “He’s like so serious when he’s doing the music, doing the tracks and all of that. When he writing…he would have other people write for him, and then sometimes he’d just pick up the pen and write. He wouldn’t be as serious as he would doing the tracks. [Making music], he gonna be serious as hell…like he’s sinking into the music. Writing, he’d rarely do that. He rarely would write back in the day. Either I’d write his stuff, [Ice] Cube would write some, or [The D.O.C.] would write some. He rarely picked up the pen and wrote.”

Other topics discussed range from Parliament-Funkadelic’s influence to Ruthless Records’ diverse roster. Watch the full interview above.